Email Marketing

Let’s say Email marketing is as a tool, strategy or process. Consider it as anything but the ultimate goal of email marketing is to send emails to prospects and customers that influence them to take actions.

The actions can be anything from opening an email and reading it or you have sent an email and want the attached link in it to be clicked. Email marketing is used to build relationships with existing customers and potential customer. A powerful email marketing can transform prospects into customers and existing customers to remain loyal and repurchase from your business.

One may think with the evolution of new generation technologies such as AI (artificial intelligence), virtual reality, chatbots etc. email marketing is no longer going to survive. Let’s check out email marketing metrics.

According to Statista 2020, daily email users are 3.9 billion and expected to be around 4.3 billion by 2023.Consider Hubspot which states that for every 1 dollar spent email generates 38 dollars which is 3800 % ROI making email marketing a effective messaging channel.

From the above data we see that people use email much more than any other platforms.

Ever since the day internet was introduced to world email marketing has played major role. We are here answer all your questions.

Let’s get started.

Email marketing vs traditional mail marketing:

  1. ROI (return on investment) can be tracked with the help of email marketing.
  2. Reaching meaningful email subscribers who have opted to receive emails is comparatively easy for advertisers.
  3. Marketer can send customized, apt and dynamic messages to customers.

The possible disadvantage of email marketing for a business is spam and rejection rate, this negatively will affect emails delivery rate. The “Opt-in” emailing is the solution for this drawback of email marketing. Where in consent from customers is taken to send emails that are relevant and appropriate, therefore unsolicited emails are eliminated.

why should you go for Email marketing?

  • Cost effective:  You can do email marketing by yourself or reach out to an email marketing agency for marketing thousands of customers (potential or existing) via email is still not going to cost higher than any other advertising channel.
  • Success oriented: Email marketing is the most effective strategy which gives extremely greater ROI over other direct marketing strategies.
  • Measurable and flexible: Due to analytics feature in email marketing one can easily track responses to the emails sent by you the customers, which would give an insight which part of campaign is effective and which is part of it is not working for you. With the help of analytical information one can modify a campaign instantly.

How can you go with email marketing?

Dr Dave Chaffey, a digital consultant and trainer since 1997 has offered an experienced view on success factors of email marketing – “CRITICAL”.

  • Creative: Design of email, it could be layout or images or color. Sometimes, you can your customer how would they like to see the emails either in TEXT form or HTML form because some has preferences over it.
  • Relevance: More relevant email generates more response rate. Make sure your email content is what the customer has opted in for, send them that. Do not send irrelevant emails, customers might unsubscribe your email.
  • Incentive: Sometimes it is important to send incentives to your customers. This can increase participation from your customer because every customer will be expecting something in the form of incentive from you. It could be coupon, discount etc.
  • Timing: Look out for best timings based on your customer base. Select certain days and appropriate timings to get better response rate.
  • Integration: No business would rely on one marketing method nor on many as well. But the best practice is to integrate all marketing methods used by business to create a whole. This means all your emails must have the same image and messages as the rest of marketing methods. The campaign timing must also be same.
  • Copy: If you are considering copywriting, all aspects of language must be examined. From subject line to your mail signature, don’t save links to last line try to pop them up to get some spontaneous action.
  • Attributes: Highlight the attributes. Attributes of a email are header, subject line, from address, to address, format, date and time of receipt.
  • Landing Page: Every business sends email to turn them into sales. So rather sending a hyperlink to your home page, take your customers where you want them to be on your site.

Now, definitely email marketing is a big yes. A powerful email marketing will surely boost growth of a business by building a great relationship between you and customers (existing or potential). Just keep in mind not to send an email that goes directly into spam folder. Make sure you make an effective email that goes all the way to through inbox and read by customer.






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