Building a Strong Brand

The most important asset undoubtedly for your business is your brand.

Brand makes your business recognized, remarkable, preferred, inspire consumers to make purchase from you, marketing and advertising support and motivates employee.

In Nielsen’s Global New Product Innovation Survey, about 59 % respondents preferred to buy from familiar brands and 21 % bought from the brand they liked. Building a Brand is beyond your logo or promotions.

We are here to guide you – to build and manage your brand strongly. Build a brand that remains on top of the mind of your customers.

Here are 7 steps to build a strong Brand.

  1. Ascertain the motive behind your brand.

Every successful brand has a strong motive behind it. Before determining a brand purpose ask yourself these questions.

  • Why do you subsist?
  • What makes you different?
  • What problem do you address?
  • Why should people recognize you?

Now, these ideas can be used to impart your branding with the help of tagline, stories, voice, messages etc.

2. Do research on your competitor brands.

Imitating big brands is a big No!. Stay informed about on what are they good at or where do they fail.

Ultimate goal is to stand out. Persuade customer to make a purchase from you over others.

3. Find out your target audience.

You can’t serve everyone. The code is to be specific.

To gain competitive advantage you need to narrow your target audience focus.

                                              Buyer Persona

 When creating buyer persona, one must include demographics of customer, behavior, motivations, goals and influencers. More attention to it makes you better to understand and relate.

Consider some details like:

  • Age
  • Location
  • Language
  • Spending power
  • Profession

4. Know your brand mission.

It is important to know your business values before building a brand. Be it your tagline, message, personality etc. should reflect your mission. Your mission statement should be able to define purpose for your existence.

5. Your brand key qualities and benefits.

Work on qualities and benefits to make your branding unique. Give reason to your target audience to choose you over other brands. This step is about what values can you provide to refine your consumers lives.

6. Logo and tagline for your business.

The significant part in the process of brand building is your logo creation and company tagline.

On visual front Logo appears would appear and relate to your business everywhere. Investing time and money on creating visual identity for your business can make you remarkable.

7. Get every facet of your business integrated with your brand.

Make your brand evident and reflect. Make tangible appearances it could be your environment, business cards, advertisement etc.

Make sure that your brand looks same on all your digital platforms. One can use website as a marketing tool for brand.






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